• Elite  Security  Solutions  an independent locally owned company, Established in  2008  With more than  13  years  of experience as a company and much more years of experience of the people working, we operate is an environment where innovation and creativity is promoted so that we deliver unique solutions that meet the client’s needs, always. 
        • Our spectrum of services covers  protection of people, homes, information and property from crime, fire and other security risks.



        Safety serves as a barometer of our company’s overall success and is a specific measure of our operating excellence.

         Trust compels us to share information and encourage new ideas. It requires an open, honest, forthright manner.
        We have a support team that will do everything to answer you as quickly as the voice assistants.


        Our journey is to fully satisfy our customer’s requirements through a process of continuous improvement. It is critical to understand that this is not a short-term program. It’s a long-term commitment aimed at continuously improving the way we work, managing our business processes, and maintaining clear internal and external communications. It is our goal to position our company for market expansion, thereby providing improved security projects and quality delivery for all.  


        Mr. Amour Abdullah Al Sharji
        company CEO, plans, organizes, coordinates, and controls all matters related to the internal management of the company, manages and legislates everything related to work, and participates in determining the institution’s policy.

        Mr. Laith Amour Al Sharji

        Marketing Officer, He implements marketing strategies and marketing support in managing departmental operations to liaise with shareholders and vendors to enhance the success of activities and enhance the presence of the organization.